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[Oct. 6th, 2007|03:16 pm]


I want to have a threesome with my girlfriend and her roommate.  I want to watch them go down on each other and rim each other, as I sit on the side and masturbate, and later as I slide my cock into any willing hole.  I want my girlfriend to watch as her roommate enthusiastically sucks and swallows every last drop of cum out of me.  I want to cum on both their faces and watch them make out.  I want to cum deep inside one of them, and have the other clean her out with her tongue.

I want my girlfriend to dress me in panties and lingerie and fuck me with a strap on.

I want to suck a guy off as I am dressed in panties and lingerie and have him cum down my throat and on my face.

I want to tie a girl down on a bed, spread-eagled and face down, with pillows under her stomach so her ass is in the air.  I want to eat her pussy and ass and make her cum several times, then fuck her brutally.  I'll cum anywhere she wants - deep inside her, in a condom, on her ass, in her ass, in her mouth, on her face.

I want to take part in a gangbang/bukkake.  I want the girl either to be very beautiful but slightly chubby, or else eighteen years old and a senior in high school/freshman in college.

I love to wear panties.  I love the feeling of them on my cock and on my ass; the knowledge that I'm doing something slightly wrong and illicit.  I love to wrap them around my cock and unload in them, despite the dual guilt I feel afterwards of playing in panties, and ruining them.  I think part of why I like bigger girls is because I know their panties will fit me.  Unfortunately, my current girlfriend (and her roommate) is petite, and very vanilla; I playfully suggested the idea once, and her reaction let me know that that was off limits.

I love to see cum.  I love giving a girl a facial (also forbidden by the current g/f) and seeing her play with it, knowing she enjoyed it.  I love cumming on a girl's chest and seeing it drip down.  One girl I dated (who loved when I wore her panties) used to love the feeling of cum shooting onto her asshole, and whenever I was about to cum would put her ass high in the air and spread her cheeks, and play with her clit with one hand, and shove the cum into her ass with the other.

I am a chronic panty stealer.  For whatever reason, my current girlfriend's panties don't interest me at all, but I used to take her roommate's frequently.  I would take them out of the laundry basket and bring them to my house, where I would masturbate with them.  Unfortunately, I think she's on to me, because she no longer leaves her dirty laundry anywhere in plain view.

The roommate currently has a friend, an exchange student from Germany visiting.  Last night, while my girlfriend was asleep and the other two girls were out at a club, I went through the German's bag.  I found two great pairs of soft, satiny panties.  I wore one pair, and wrapped the other around my cock and masturbated on the couch.   I was careful not to cum in the panties, because I hope to do it again when I am over there tomorrow night.

Also, tomorrow night, I will go into her dirty laundry and steal as many panties as I can.  Some I'll wear, some I'll sniff, some I'll masturbate with, and all I will enjoy.

[User Picture]From: shipman7
2007-12-18 12:01 am (UTC)
i like the 3-some mentioned at the top of the page, that is totally HOT, and one of my fantasies. although, i'd take it a step further, and cum inside BOTH women, and have them 69, licking my cum from each other
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