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video art [Nov. 26th, 2006|01:54 am]
Hello All! I made new erotic artvideo clip(4 min). We shooted it in real snow forest, with costumes and naked girl of course. Was FUN.
It's free, but need register on site. Rate my video art   http://imlive.com/competitionvideoplay.asp?meAgree=yes&w=0&msgid=1163261289


From: blacksonshine
2007-01-17 06:11 am (UTC)


Where do i find georgous outgoing sexy females like yourself. God i wish i could even say that i've met one, but columbus ohio is pretty dull. i'd love to meet someone of your caliber, but for now, i guess i'm limited to watching from probably the other side of the states. i'll add you to my friends, hit me up sometime if you wana chat, or just leave me a message.
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